A Taste of What We Offer

Leadership Coaching

The benefits of Professional coaching, whether for personal or professional leadership growth, are plentiful.  Coaching can bring a renewed perspective on areas in need of growth, sharpen the decision-making ability and creative thinking process in the life of the client.

Team Coaching

Healthy teams can be one of life's greatest joys, but teams that are not functioning on all cylinders can drain its members and the organization of effectiveness, and maximum productivity.

Therefore the coaching of teams brings much value to any organization or business.

Relationship Coaching

Relationships are crucially important to every aspect of human life, yet it is an area of life that many struggle with.  The relationships that hold the greatest impact in our lives, those with our parents, siblings, spouses and children are in need of great care, and coaching can be an amazing tool in regard to these relationships.

Why The Porch?

A Safe Place For Connection

"The Porch" may seem like an odd name for a Coaching and Consulting business, but it was chosen very carefully.

I grew up in the deep south of the United States, where the porch is a standard fixture on most homes.  It was on the porch at my grandmother's house that I heard many stories from my father, my uncle and my grandmother.  The porch was a place of life sharing, storytelling,  and dreams.

Though I now live in a much cooler climate, the features that most attracted me to our current home was the front and back porch, particularly the covered back porch that runs the length of our house.

It is sitting with friends and family on these porches that I have heard many dreams, hopes, and plans.  It has been a  place of meditation, focusing and refining for me.

I believe good coaching and consulting does not have to be scary or stiff.  I actually believe that when the coaching and consulting processes are approached carefully, they can seem as comfortable as sitting on the porch sharing dreams and hopes with a close friend.

Thus the name "The Porch".


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